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《我报》记者*郑诗慧的游荡空间。 时而亢奋,时而慵懒;时而快乐,时而忧郁。 时而乐观,时而悲观;时而喜欢,时而讨厌。 除了时而自恋之外,也时而热爱美术,又时而喜欢去party,有时而一个人旅行。不和朋友见面时,喜欢和MSN安静共处。喜欢紫色,喜欢拥抱,喜欢蓝天白云,喜欢运动出汗的快感,喜欢的还有很多很多。活着让人陶醉。

Monday, May 08, 2006

a new start

I confess I am a hardcore blogger, this is my 4th blog, I am currently keeping a privtae for invited-guests only, one for my views on r/s and one formed by my JC clique which is dysfunct now sadly! On top of all these, I keep a paper diary, and let Hello Kitty into all my secrets n feelings =)

like a realist, I like to record what i did for memorial sake.

This blog will be on my sentiments on work n happenings around me.朋友:谢谢支持噢!与我在《我报》(我抱)的日子同行。


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