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《我报》记者*郑诗慧的游荡空间。 时而亢奋,时而慵懒;时而快乐,时而忧郁。 时而乐观,时而悲观;时而喜欢,时而讨厌。 除了时而自恋之外,也时而热爱美术,又时而喜欢去party,有时而一个人旅行。不和朋友见面时,喜欢和MSN安静共处。喜欢紫色,喜欢拥抱,喜欢蓝天白云,喜欢运动出汗的快感,喜欢的还有很多很多。活着让人陶醉。

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Club My DreamJob party

Marina Mandarin ladies, The Clinic's Susan and me with MY PAPER.

@ MOS (esp. opened for us to hold this event)
@ 15.5.2007, Tuesday 7pm till 10pm
@ Sing Huei sang 3 tracks, lovely, impressive LIVE vocals!! But dat silly girl told me no1 brought her down from level 2's "backstage " to mingle so she left quietly...........before we could even say HI or take a pix tog. She saw me when I sat by the "stage"'s front to ogle at her and took pix of her. she very funnie, come back on MSN tell me i have grown prettier, she been growing thinner and thinner *aiyo*
young team behind Dragon Brand's bird nest.

@there were so many pretty & gentlemenly guests, thanks for coming, sorry if I weren't hospitable to all. feels like social butterfly.

mandy, me and noelle who shares the same bob hair and white tube dress same as me :)

@ funnie thing, thanks to [big big big boss] who was obviously helping me by recommending :P such caring boss(es , including Glenn)! and dear Glenn who had completed a by no means small surgery, get well soon.

@ We Love My Paper. Peace.

weimin, rae, me, susan, thomas, dennis, andrea.

zhiyang @ work, taking pix with all his might.

@Last Look:
heh..i made sure my counter striked 10,000 hits by refreshing the page tonight :P

met a taiwanese chef at Tien Court 天厨@ Copthorne's King Hotel today, interestingly, he stays at the foot of Chia Yi 嘉义县-Alishan阿里山!! so the sea of clouds and sunrise were nothing peculiar in his opinions *envy*

我最爱吃的food of the day:蒸枣松糕!red dates steamed cake, grind from the freshest ingredients, hand-made fluffiness. comes with 莲雾--台湾特产。*yummy!*


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