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Saturday, May 12, 2007

my fabulous week

I am flattered, 2 gd frens have commented they enjoyed reading my blog, tho my life is so microscopically unimportant.. thanks for the immense encouragement :)

I had a fabulous week:

Monday-- interviewed Tank at cineleisure.. he was quite sleepy and hungry. one of the shop owner is quite cute :P hahaa... at night, watch <<盛夏光年>> movie finally with L. we were both admiring the cute and hunky men.... woot! Gay frens are all ard me, but this movie is not fully developed I feel, and he sodomised the gd fren who is fully gay, only cuz he wants to keep his frenship in my humble opinion. then again, no str8 guy I know would do such a thing to preserve a frenship and i (plus my gay buds) dun believe bi-sexuality exists. *ponder abt movie* Nevertheless, i would watch it so long as it is 台湾国产电影 *love love love*

Tuesday-- had lunch at One-Ninety, the popcorn bread wasn't as good as we last tried but NZ guest chef RUTH PRETTY's culinary skills was simple and delicious. Did some work in office, then went to sign up for a course and went MOF to meet Miss-L. She is so smart i tell u.. and well-connected. Got to know Miss-Korean as well, new friend.

Wednesday--went Brasserie Wolf with SFF/STB pple for review over luncheon, ahhh... i tot it is Italian place, turns out to be duck+cheese+wine French place,no tiramisu *sian* then worked.... no one wanna have dinner with me, so had it in canteen and worked till late in office and MRT home.

Thursday--Was bothered by fren who was kena backstabbed/ being faulted over a trivial mishap which could jolly well be a "大事化小,小事化无"。得绕人处且绕人,there may be one day u kena scolding/blackmark by ur own boss cuz someone complain abt u. Be more forgiving and channel ur neg tots/energy to work... Went Vivocity for shoot with Suzanne Walker & French Chamber of Commerce pple for my French Fest feature story.... dinner at Bologna was long(like 3 hours plus) and pasta-ish, great for pasta-lovers :) but not me....still, the ink-squid lobster spaghetti by Guest Chef Marco from Italy is a must-try!! *delightful*

Friday--i reallie enjoyed my day. Went Toshiba event, met an interesting/easy-going interviewee Thomas Wedgwood and we even had lunch at FEP chicken rice store with the rest of his team. rolled back to office to do work and went with Andy Yap from marketing to the Turf Club to meet our potential client.... and ... i fell in love with horse-betting. it is fun and bimbotic. beginners luck.. was thinking of betting on Shadow King (no.8) and the odds v high, meaning it is a lousy choice. never did any1 know he turns out to be a black horse and came out 3rd.. I could have made $85 if i put in $5 bet, but i didn't. So I decided to try my luck since I got my 1st guess correct, I went with my hunch, choosing my fave horse's name. In the end, I won $3 and lost $17 out of the $20 I invested *poof*

I am not advocating excessive/addictive gambling, but visiting the place for the 1st time on a Friday is a pleasant new way to spend the night :) I have always been curious abt the place as I stay near Kranji station, but never got a chance to go there. Was fun discussing bet-choices with TNP editors *grinz*
(like the kid in the backgrd, i dunno him but i tot he looks like Ashin, so i call him "Shin-Chan" :P i know I am a crazy girl )

Ok, gg out for hi-tea now... watched too much of 张娜拉《我想要爱》DVD, draggy now.. but once I start watching, cant stop. ciaozzzzzzzzz!


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