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Monday, March 19, 2007

the princessy day

I felt like a princess in the last 2-3 days... meeting old and new friends tt I like to be with, bumping into friends at places. The sweet old tiramisu cake+ pressies presented to me.

I didn't want to make it into an elaborate affair, but somehow managed to get a big grp of 7-9 to have fun with pre-bday. Then met sx and ym for a simple affair on 2day's birthday night.
Also received well-wishes thru MSN messages (i rem there were 18 chat boxes on Mon wee morning), a few emails and quite a number of SMS-es, it is heart-warming pple rem ur bday amidst busy lives, heee.. or is it cuz my MSN's "祝我生日快乐" nick too blatant tt friends can't simply ignore me? thank you anyways :)

I made a wish that is of importance to me w the tiramisu cake 1st round, then 3 final wishes that really matters to me when I had the mudpie 2nd round :) A galfren once said, wishes come true when U make them at the stroke of 12 on ur bday. I tried last yr, cant exactly rem what i asked for, but it didn't come true I guess.

I LOVE being with friends I feel comfy with> Birthdays is the time to renew your friendship. With my friends who have stuck by each another for 13 yrs(that is exactly half my life! *gawp*), 9 yrs, 4 yrs, or just as recent as 1 month...Birthdays can be such a simple affair so long as I am surrounded by friends who love me.

I truly had a great birthday, a very sweet one cuz friends were sweet. Thank you for each and every present too, it is the tots dat counts :) Such a blessing to be living 26 yrs on Earth :) becuz of U ;-) Thank God for these wonderful pple I call friends... *touched*

Gonna meet the kids this Sun for Sentosa cuz they were extremely thoughtful.. :-) Looking forward to the belated-bday outings!



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