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Sunday, April 01, 2007


For friends who know me well, U know I never spend more than $20 on a pc of clothe/shoes/bags.. the max is $30. All my 7 pairs of denium jeans and a few other coloured cotton pants are $20 from taipei Shi-Lin market at my fave Dictionaire Shope (ex-named Top 100 Shop, Spore has the Top 20 version at Bugis market and AMKHub) It is quantity over quality for me. So price matters over stylish-ness.

(Sidetrack: My biggest splurge is a $366 BCBG orangey dress which i only worn once to JEMEJ's wedding last yr Nov. I couldn't resist it cuz I was in taipei last Feb shopping alone and it was half-priced. i tot it was 划算 till I saw 五分埔 have a shop that sells BCBG gowns at 1/4 of original price.! Reason: it is rejects from China factory. And given my super-sonic会认路 memory.. I managed to find it on my 2nd visit to Taipei this Jan. Hee.. wanna know where is it hidding ? kekekeke...invite me to Tpe la :P *kidding*)
My Purpose of today's blog is to have a tally of my recent shopping experiences in Singapore! Up till Feb, I have only buy the occasional pc from BYSI and my birthday dress is $17 from one of my fave stores This Fashion! Last yr, my shopping money went to Chatukchat, Taipei and Chongqing...

But now I am more comfy n willing to spend in Spore :) esp, over this weekend!! Never bought so much stuff here for a long time. Perhaps it was the good buys I could find here, comparable to $5-taipei clothes/bags/shoes or $8-BKK heels...I bought 5 pieces of clothing and 3 pairs of $9.90 heels in March!
the blue one is $5捡到@ Taipei火车站地下街, red pair is $10 from same place;
leopard & zebra prints are $9.90 Mondo

my long n chunky VS gold-chain pieces. One came free w dress, one is $4 fr China, one is $10, two gold ones are from H&M Europe.
My last mental tally on SHOES= 30++ Pairs
10 pairs $10 each from Taipei, 3 pairs $9.90 each from Mondo, 4 pairs from BKK last yr + my original about 20 odd pairs collection. NOW I have shoes of all kinds and colours. Congrats! I dun even have to think twice on how to match w shoes now..cuz no fear I cant find a matching colour.
on DRESSES= 8 or more...
I was lucky... bought 3 dresses today! Must recommend "Purple Attic" @ VivoCity. two gorgeous classic dresses for $70 total ( after some bargaining w the 小妹 tending the store heee...) and a River Island graphic-piece. Hmm..this is in addition to the 5 dresses I have bought over the last 1/2 yr. OK, time to dress up for work/events.
ok, I mentioned I have 7-10 pairs of functioning JEANS/cotton pants. But this season, my tight tops+jeans have given way to dresses and/or tights & leggings.
Maybe I was partially influenced by SFF. All in the spirit of S/S fashion trends! The volumious dresses/ loose tops (like maternity wear, Ej says now it's the best chance to be pregnant :P ), tight jeans, my only pair of black leggings from Taipei...some Grey, little bit of Pink (I prefer carry to wear pink cuz I dun lk as gd in this colour), LOSTA Purple (yeay yeay, my confidence booster), MUCH Green (suits my yellow-skin tone)-- my faves this Summer and every Summer! =) Also, I tink some events do require me to dress well and dress smart, in order not to throw my face. Kekeke.. I do dress like 小Ah-Lian or bochup girl on days :P
And I found my new 自拍 hunt--IN THE FITTING ROOMS WITH EXCELLENT LIGHTING AND LOTSA MIRRORS! And my fave fitting rooms where I get gd pix is (1)Taka Zara, take the corner cubicle with lotsa space to move ard (btw, Zara beats Mango this season, and Vivo's Zara has a more extensive collection), and (2) River Island@... cuz it has angle mirrors! can check ur side profile, cellulite on butts and how long my hair is now.... I spent so much time inside tt my fren's legs grew weak while standing ard to wait for me.

should I buy you?
All things beautiful keeps a girl happie n confident. Be Inspired to dress well n chic!

End Note:

heh, btw I went Cafe del Mar today to see Kovit Ang--sold at Venue fashion show today...I like this pix of Sentosa when i went last Sun w the kids :)


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