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Saturday, June 16, 2007

my pets

(pix of deemed dirty "old" plush toy to be loaded)

Returned at night, missed a party *paiseh Andrea*.....
and saw my Forever Friends bear of 12 yrs old sitting outside my room. Took it up and wanted to hug it and mum stopped me like it was some freaked animal..

"no..the fur have turned BLACK and falls off upon rubbing them." I was forbidden to touch it, caress it or hug it one more time. I am going to request it to be archived in the storeroom.

No way am I going to throw away this bear bestie gave me on my 14th birthday down the chute. I still remember distinctively, I was having chix pox dat March holidays and bestie braved her health to come visit me (my pox have dried up), and gave me this birthday pressie.

Since then I named it "Bear Bear"and would role play it along with my bro's soft toy "Doggie Tan". I may not have hugged it as often I'd like to, for it was too small in size, but it had always been placed on my bed or somewhere significant so I would not forget about it.

Such a sentimental person I am. dun worrie, Bear Bear, I would make sure mummy's mummy not chuke u down the bin...for u serves the reminder of the yrs of friendship.

Forever Bear.


At Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:43:00 pm , Blogger Oceanblue said...

If i'm going to say this is so far the best article I ever read in your blog, will you mad at me?


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